• Heirloom quality quilting tools and brand apparel...

  • ...proudly made in America.

Heirloom quality quilting tools and brand apparel...

...proudly made in America.

About Modern American Vintage

Curious about what we offer here at MAV? Just have a listen to what some of the pros have to say!

Suzy Williams

Modern American Vintage tools are the perfect combination of form meets function. Crafting heirloom quilts with heirloom-quality products makes the sewing process even more fun! I love this company and hope they continue expanding their handmade sewing tool selection.

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Corey Yoder

Chris creates the most beautiful handmade sewing tools. I find myself reaching for my seam ripper often...if we need to seam rip let’s do it in style! 😄 And as a hand quilter, I really enjoy using the Hera marker to mark my quilting lines. It’s such a treat having beautiful and functional sewing tools!

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Joanna Figueroa

I am not much for fads or the newest gadget. But a beautifully created handmade tool, gets me every single time. I simply cannot say enough good things about how beautiful these tools are and how good they feel in my hand and how much I am enjoying using them! This might sound funny... but I feel like these are "grown up" quilting tools and I adore them. Well done Chris! 

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Arianna Caggiano

The first time I ever saw these handmade tools, I just knew I needed a set. They are hands down the most beautifully crafted tools I've ever used and I'm so grateful they exist. Using handmade tools to make handmade quilts, to me, is such a beautiful thing and just elevates the entire experience as a quilter. The tools are not only gorgeous but they’re also really comfortable to use. I really can't recommend Chris's work enough. These are the types of tools you will want to pass down to future generations of quilters.

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Erica Arndt

Chris is one of the most creative makers around! I can’t even explain how amazing his handcrafted sewing tools are. Not only are they beautiful, but they are incredibly functional as well. , and a joy to use! MAV tools are definitely the top of the Erica’s Faves list!

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Natalia Bonner

I absolutely love using my Modern American Vintage tools. Not just because they are so beautiful, but the quality is outstanding. If I'm going to have to do some unpicking I might as well be using a seam ripper that makes my day just a little bit brighter. :)

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Amy Smart

I love using my tools handmade by Chris. The quality is exceptional. In addition to being solid and sturdy, they're beautifully handcrafted tools.The wood is beautiful and the amazing smooth texture feels soothing in my hands. They make pressing, unpicking, or turning corners feel like less of a chore! 

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Lindsey Neill

The craftsmanship of Modern American Vintage tools is outstanding. They're not only functional and well-made, but truly works-of-art. I anticipate them not only being enjoyed and well-loved by myself, but future generations of quilt makers as well. Thanks, Chris, for sharing your talent with us sewists!

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Minki Kim

I like how they feel and smell. Especially the seam ripper is my best pal now!

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Nicole Young

As an artist and creator, I value beauty, character and quality craftsmanship in everything I use and surround myself with. Supporting other artists is equally important to me, so Chris’s tools were a must-have for me and I couldn’t love them more. Not only are they handsome and unique works of art, but they perform flawlessly and consistently, feel solid in my hands, and are built to last. Now I just need a set to match every one of my sewing machines :D!

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Sherri McConnell

Modern American Vintage tools are not only beautifully made, but they are also exquisitely designed by a true craftsman who values the creative process. I love my tool set and quilter's clapper--and use them daily in the sewing room. I'm excited to see more product ideas as Modern American Vintage continues to grow.

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